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Cute Baby Octopus!

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Here you go Lucas!

Here you go Lucas!

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painted bunting

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Truth is I still miss you, and everybody.  I wish things hadn’t gone the way they had, and I wish I could talk to people from a time that has long since past

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I’m tired of being blown off all the time. I will have plans, and my friends ditch them to go to the bars, or smoke hookah, or some random bullshit reason.  All my friends have been.  Also, my birthday party is going to be a disaster.  One of my friends invited some guy I absolutely do not like and never have liked.  They keep inviting people left and right without running it by me first.  This is why I never throw parties.  It is at the point that if everybody showed up, there would be more people I barely know there than people I know.  I changed the event info so people will not be as interested, because at this point I would rather have only 1 or 2 people show up than a boatload of strangers… I wish my friends would stop blowing me off and turning my 21st bday into their party. =[